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This month I will help you remove the most toxic chemicals from your home and swap them out by creating cheap, DIY products and/or purchasing safer alternatives.

I challenge you to swap out some (or all) of the toxic products in your home with natural, safer options. I will share with you what I am using and the reasons why it’s important to remove these chemicals from your home. Plus, some cute free printables to go on your DIY products. I haven’t had to buy a cleaning product, a face wash or face lotion for over 2 years. My house is clean and my skin is better than it has ever been.


  • Common household and body care products have been found to have devastating health effects on the nervous and immune systems, on our reproductive systems and on our endocrine, cardiovascular and respiratory systems.
  • Recent tests have found more than 200 chemicals in newborn umbilical cord blood.
  • Many of the toxins found in household products have been proven to cause cancer. Now, you might be thinking that a little bit won’t hurt me but it doesn’t end up being a little when you add up the amount of toxic chemicals in our home and that they are being used every day or almost everyday. It all adds up to a toxic overload.
  • While these toxins can be tolerated by us in small doses, all kinds of health problems emerge when we are exposed to them in combination or large doses.
  • It is all adding up to an overburdened liver. If your liver is overburdened it can lead to anything from just acne to many different degenerative diseases. Unfortunately, an overburdened liver is a common issue for many now a days and most don’t know it.​

I want to make this home detox fun and easy, so each Monday, I will share with you tons of DIY recipes and my favourite safer, non-toxic products. You will save money, you will reduce the toxic burden on your body and you will have a safer environment for your kids. 

Some of my favourite easy swaps include:

– seasoned cast iron pan instead of non-stick pan
– parchment paper instead of aluminum foil
– glass food storage containers instead of plastic
– coconut oil …for almost everything
– simple DIY cleaner…for all most everything.

Simple All Purpose Cleaning Recipe To Get You Started!

– grab a spray bottle
– a squirt or two or dish soap (optional)
– fill half way with water
– top up with vinegar
– your favourite essential oils – lemon or tea tree oil are nice (optional)