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Part 1 – Upgrade Your Sleep!



  • Sleep hack #1 – Bedtime Drink – glass of warm/hot water with 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar and 1 tbsp raw honey before bed.
  • Sleep hack #2 – banana rolled in sea salt along with 10-12 cashews or other nuts (it will trigger serotonin which is the feel good neurotransmitter that will help you to calm down).
  • Sleep hack #3 – If you find you wake in the night or too early and are wide awake, it’s important to have a snack that includes fat and protein in the evening. Because if the blood sugar drops then cortisol will spike, which is your fight or flight hormone and will wake you. And/or focus on keeping your blood sugar more balanced during the day (avoid meals or snacks that are loaded with sugar/refined carbs, stress, or too much coffee)

More sleep tips:

  • Consuming alcohol in the evening may help you fall asleep more quickly but it affects your quality of sleep, leaving you more tired the next day.
  • Watch your caffeine intake. I try to have a coffee cut off time of 3pm. Everyone is different in how they metabolize their coffee however. Some need a cut off of noon while others can have coffee at 6 and be fine. Try to limit your coffee intake to under 3 cups a day (1-2 is often ideal). Also note that even decaf coffee at night can keep some people awake.


What my night routine looks like, and more…

Part 2 – Upgrade Your Mornings!

Check out our recent facebook live on “The routines and habits that create a ripple effect.” Plus I dive a little into my morning routine here.

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